How I Became a 20 year old Entrepreneur

How I Became a 20 year old Entrepreneur

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! For the returning subscribers, welcome back and for the newbies – how on Earth did you end up on my blog?! Hahaha I’m glad to have you here! If you haven’t noticed, my website has had a massive restructure and I unfortunately lost all my previous blog posts. BUT that’s totally OK because since when did Nickita Pillay run out of things to talk about?

So what I want to talk about today is pretty much summarised in the title of this post – how did I become a 20 year old entrepreneur? I get asked this SO OFTEN so next time I do, I’ll just send this blog link to them lol.

It all started when I was about 13 and really getting into the henna side of things. In our spare time/ school holidays, my sister would choreograph all day long and I would sit in my room with a henna cone and draw on every limb of mine. Through word of mouth, at 13 years of age, I made my first bridal henna booking! By the age of 15, I had done about 5-6 bridal henna bookings and extended onto hair and makeup for my cousins getting married.

Since then, my hobby shot through the roof and I had no choice but to make it an official business. With so much demand for not only henna, but hair and makeup, I would find myself driving nearly 2 hours to clients houses, travelling at 2am sometimes without any extra travel costs. In addition to this, being a well-known all rounder glam artist in the Indian community, I would be asked to cover the full week of Indian weddings – this would mean travelling more than 100kms a day or staying somewhere closer to the booking for the week. Little did I know and realised a lot later that I was actually out of pocket running my business like that. Think about it – time to travel (TIME IS MONEY GUYS), wear and tear on my car, toll charges and risk were not all accounted for in the price I charged for my services.

A part of me felt really disheartened after realising this and I was so close for shutting down my business. I mean I could have asked my clients to travel to me but let’s be honest, I live in freaking woop woop compared to the majority of the indian community in Brisbane so it’d be the same story for every client. One day I was scrolling through Facebook and a really good friend of mine, Kayla posted on a page stating she was looking for a hair and makeup artist to join her in creating a one stop shop for girls looking to hire dresses and getting glammed up. Guysssssss this was seriously a sign sent from God!

Kayla and I have known each other for a few years now and I was a regular customer of hers – cause I’m a little social butterfly and always have events on. I wouldn’t bother going shopping for outfits but would instead hire items from Kayla’s business ‘The Wardrobe’. How did we not think of merging our expertise together earlier?!

While I was dying trying to juggling full time uni, full time work, comp prep and glam bookings, my darling Kayla did all the hard work of finding a location, doing it up and furnishing it. I literally walked in a month later to a fully done up boutique and fell in love straight away.

With a lot of planning and business meetings behind the scenes, Kay

la and I pulled off the BEST boutique grand opening! We had Bumble Bloom in store showcasing her amazing flower crowns and corsages, an amazing videographer that captured our day (video below) while Kayla and I popped bottles of champagne and a few balloons too…

We now offer the most affordable packages available in Brisbane which include dress hire, makeup and hair! I still do hair and makeup without dress hire (but hello, getting an outfit for your event for a few dollars more is too good to be true?!).

Contact me today to book yourself in for a dress or hair and makeup trial!


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