Pillay Girls in Los Angeles

Pillay Girls in Los Angeles


3 days in Los Angeles was just not enough to catch up with my beauties Candice and Tarryn let alone seeing LA. However we managed to jam pack our schedule even with Candice’s day starting at 1pm… lol.

Candice and Tarryn picked me up from LA international airport and they took me to the cutest vegan joint in the valley for lunch. Tarryn kept telling me I visited at the wrong time as she was studying for her exams so we dropped her off at home to hit the books and Candice and I set some time aside to get our nails on fleek.

I remember everyone stressing out because they couldn’t decide where they wanted to take me at night… I was listening for ages and then I interrupted saying “ummm… why can’t we just stay at home?” Oh my goodness, you should have seen how fast Candice’s face lit up! We are all for staying at home in our PJs, with tea and pudding – and that’s exactly what happened.

The next day, typical Nickita woke up at 6am and was ready to hit the city by 10am… 3 hours later, Candice woke up hahaha. We FINALLY left home to explore around 3pm and of course we hit Hollywood first.

I honestly found that there was not much to see there, so we resorted to shopping – 3 hours later I was stressing about the room in my luggage. Can I just say how good LA shopping is?! Candice told me coming with a full bag was a rookie error.

Come dinner time, I had my heart set on The Boiling Crab. For YEARS, I would always see Candice pictured at The Boiling Crab and I would just die looking at all the food! No regrets eating my heart out there that night – so worth it!

Candice’s mum is a typical indian aunty – we told her we just stuffed out faces when we got home but we had a second dinner waiting for us. I was actually in a food coma by the end of it but who can say no to home made indian food?!

Now that I look back at my LA trip, all we did was eat hahaha because the next day, we went to Santa Monica…to eat. Oh and this is also the night we lost Candice’s car and took us 1 hour to walk around Santa Monica to find it.

I honestly cannot thank Candice and Tarryn enough for making my short LA trip so memorable and full of laughter. I swear we learn so much from our parents – Candice decided to buy the entire grocery store and stuff everything into my bag – 40kg later and the check-in assistant and the airport let me through, thank God.

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