Timeless Look – A tribute to Sridevi, our Chandni

Timeless Look – A tribute to Sridevi, our Chandni

People often ask me how I learnt hair styling and makeup… well I thank being stuck at home during school holidays and trying to make myself look like Bollywood actresses using mum’s makeup. Can I just say, I woke up on the 24th of February 2018 in absolute shock and disbelief! I still cannot get my head around Sridevi not being around anymore. She was “goals” in every role she had in her personal life; mum, wife and actor. I always used to admire her for how she carried herself and how she brought up Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor (these girls are absolute fire btw). One of my favourite posts of Sridevi was of her clearing up a misunderstanding – The 53-year-old actress took to Twitter to clear her stance saying, she does not believe that marriage is the ultimate goal of a woman’s life:

“My comment was misunderstood and it really concerns me that it’s sounding like I believe girls are only meant to get married and settle down. That’s not what I want for my daughters, I want them to be able to stand on their own feet and have their own identity. I’ve always told them never to be dependant on anyone in any capacity. It’s very important to me that young girls understand that the end goal of their life is not to get married and have babies, they have every right to make something of themselves if they wish to. What I meant to say initially was that I would prefer if my daughters didn’t lead the kind of hectic life that comes with this business and instead have a relatively stable and relaxed life. But they are ambitious and I have come to respect that like every parent should, and that respect overshadows my parental instincts now.”

Our Chandni ❤️
From a child actor to India’s first female superstar, Sridevi made her way into the hearts of thousands of fans across generations through her incredible acting prowess and flawless sense of style that inspired generations to come. Her iconic looks in films became trends that women across age groups emulated in real life, hoping to become a little like the diva that Sridevi was.
I remember the 10 year old Nickita watching her movies, running to a mirror and trying to look like her using any makeup I could find,

Sridevi’s style and incredible sense of fashion is something that will live on forever. And while her untimely demise has left a void that can never be filled, Sridevi’s exemplary body of work and her iconic looks will continue to influence and inspire both the film and fashion industry in times to come. Rest In Peace Sridevi ❤️

I used:

  • Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Palette
  • Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette
  • Mecca Cosmetica Illuminating Primer
  • Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Tahoe
  • Nars creamy concealer in Ginger for highlighting and priming eyelids
  • ChiChi Brow Pomade in Dark Brown
  • Piyari Beauty Lashes in Gold Digger
  • MAC blush in peaches
  • Hourglass foundation stick in Espresso for contouring
  • Revlon lipstick (mum’s lipstick lol just like the old times)
  • Stila bronze highligher

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